Friday, April 27, 2007


This morning I was forced to fill out something for my car registration. They wanted the vid., odometer reading, usual crapola. The Wyoming Free library has been having troubles for quite a while by now & today the internet's down until further notice. I'm in Pittston's library right now. It's the one on Broad Street by all the churches. So far it's a pretty nice place. I've hardly ever been here before. West Pittston's nice too but I can't stand having to park over there. My mother grew up there. I still can't believe that tomorrow I shall have been living here for a grand total of exactly one entire year. Change stinks but so far I've been managing to bluff my way through it reasonably well. Last year at this time_well a year ago last week anyway_ I was saying all my good_byes in N.Y. KrissyKrissyKrissy will most probably be back by tomorrow. Today's cooler than I like. I'm wearing short sleeves & have been feeling the sting of the cold. Within the past week, I found out that Phil Spector, once married to the most famous Ronette & once involved with the Beatles, is now wanted for murder. Way to go there, Philly Boy! Hey please don't even thing of forgetting the Friday dance.

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