Saturday, September 29, 2007


Yesterday I made it to the Little Flower novena. It was very easy to get to it. On the way home, though, I ran into more than a little bit of trouble. Part of River Road was closed for repairs. I went onto Main Street but that didn't work out because I accidentally got into the left turn only lane. That knocked me entirely out of all sense of reality because I didn't have any idea where I was going from then on. Cruising through the area, I saw Carmelite Anne M. walking around. She didn't notice me. I ended up, after a while, on Wilkes_Barre Blvd. That's where I should go in the first place, from now on, under weird circumstances. It leads right over to Rte. 309. The weather was bad because there was a thunderstorm. I got gas by the mall. People who think New York City traffic is the least bit bad have never made the mistake of driving around that area. Tonight, unfortunately, I can't go to the novena because I have to lector at 5:00 p.m. Mass. In spite of the weather, Uncle Frankie & my father made it through the entire game they attended. Steve's band played at some game that was televised on ESPN. It was really hard to try to track it down, though, because there's more than one ESPN.

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