Friday, January 16, 2009


Happy fiftieth birthday to Tim, an old St. Gabe's classmate of mine. He's the first of my classmates, of the ones I know of, to hit the big one. Nunziata's birthday was this month to. She's married to cousin Java. Today's temperature was absolutely bitter at about two degrees. Schools are closed & everything's slowed down. Upon first getting up to get dressed today I couldn't put the cold water on in the kitchen sink, although the hot worked quite well. I should most certainly hope tomorrow's Carmelite meeting won't have to be cancelled because of the weather. Last month it was cancelled because of a big blizzard. I now have fewer than a hundred pages left in "Sense & Sensibility". Of course now that Uncle Frankie's back in circulation he's regularly showing up with his candy, cookies & pasta fagioli.

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