Monday, November 12, 2007


I thought it would be closed today, in observance of Veterans' Day, but it's open. Uncle Frankie asked me yesterday, on the phone, if it would be open because he has to bring something back for Fran. I left him a message on the phone, this morning, saying he could come over. Saturday night, at 5:00 Mass, I lectored with Linnae. Rocco showed up but we didn't need him. Somehow he got the impression that he was supposed to cover for Mary. Last night was the Holy Name Society meeting. All went quite well. Fr. Walsh showed up. There was the usual rundown of all the circumstances we generally have to deal with. We drank beer & there were meatballs & chicken to eat. It only lasted a little over an hour, which is what I've always really liked about these meetings. According to the guys who were there, people at our parish most certainly don't seem all that supportive of our fund_raisers. O.L.P.H., though, is way over at the opposite extreme. The weather gets progressively colder & colder each day. The early sunset each evening makes things even gloomier. Oddly, I somehow don't seem to have all that much of a problem with reading very many pages of "War & Peace" each day. It's very tough, but it seems to be going fairly fast.

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