Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Thanksgiving is upon us. My parents, the three kids & I had a nice fattening day today. Besides yesterday's lasagna, there were chili & roast beef. The kids even ate artichokes too. I, of course, drank the celery soda. Michael & I each drank a cup of tea. The weather absolutely stunk all day yesterday, with ice cold rain throughout the day. Sam went back to school today. Besides that, he's been spending quite a lot of time watching soccer & "Scrubs". I've never liked sports. I've never seen an entire episode of "Scrubs" either. I've only seen a few minutes of each of the episodes he's watched lately. I walked Bridget to her bus stop. Michael had an 11:30 dentist appointment. He went out with his friend Jeff last night. He mentioned something today about wanting to go ice skating. Unfortunately, I've never been able to skate. I've been reading that Virginia Woolf book, a little at a time. It's fairly short so I don't have to bother with going crazy. Not having ever been a fan of driving in heavy traffic, I'm quite happy I won't be doing any significant driving this week since the traffic during the week of Thanksgiving is about as unbearably annoying as anybody can even begin to imagine.

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