Friday, February 08, 2008


Yesterday I got a haircut at Rose's on Eighth Street In Wyoming. It's by the bridge. The ultimate irony is that it was the Beatles' anniversary. They're the guys who invented long hair on men. Today for the Friday dance we shall do the Wilbury Twist. When I went for gas yesterday, I noticed that I couldn't close my cap. Then I noticed that some loser really did a job on my car with a hit_&_run. As if that weren't quite stupid enough, this morning I got stranded behind another couple of characters who spent at least ten minutes getting lottery tickets at the Unimart. There's no meat on Fridays from now on. That always makes for a need for creative eating habits. I can handle it but it seems quite serioulsy weird after a while. Every time I eat I always start with the meat. Now I won't know what exactly to eat first. It's only once a week so it's not a chore. Sunday is Benjamin's big fourth birthday party. He's Aunt Lauren's grandson, Michelle's son. He's a very active, talkative little guy. It should be quite an interesting time for one & all. Today should mark the end of my latest reading of "The Possessed". Then I can move onto something else.

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