Saturday, March 14, 2009


We're no suffering through the very last weekend of winter for this past year. It's hard to believe that spring is only a week away. St. Patrick's Day is coming up & we shall be doing our partying later today. This particular holiday has always been quite a nice time for me. It's full of good food & partying. I've been to a few parades over the course of my lifetime, most of them in Manhattan. I even got a chance to meet RFK at the last parade right before his death. There was, unfortunately, one parade over in Mineola which I never should have attended. I was extremely violently sick all day but somehow I ended up going anyway. Yesterday I read quite a bit more of "Vanity Fair". Considering that it's so long I've been getting very close to the end lately. Katie, one of the Buffalo kin, has just reminded us that today is Pi Day. I've always stunk at math. It's never been good at anything that's the least bit logically consistent.

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