Monday, February 12, 2007

Party & meeting

As I said last night, yesterday's birthday party & last night's Holy Name Society were both quite groovy. Most of the kinfolk made the party & only Fr. Walsh & a few other regulars were absent from the meeting. I can't handle all that eating though. There was no hooch I knew of at the party but at the meeting there was the inevitable beer, wine & whisky. The meeting was, as usual, fairly short so I got home in time to go to bed at a civil hour. Howard wanted to know why my parents insisted on joining St. Joseph's & there was the inevitable whining about ushers. We're planning a nice party for St. Patrick's Day too. I don't suppose their parades over here can possibly compete with Manhattan's but it should be quite a very nice time. I hope by then the weather will at least be a smidge nicer.

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