Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This morning, like yesterday, was a block of ice mixed with fog galore. The autumn effect has yet to kick in with the foliage, though. Here it is insanely well into the season & we still have green summery leaves, trees, etc. instead of all the distinctive fall colors. I got kicked out of here yesterday because Pittston's library's closed these days & it gets really crowded in here. The librarian's still out sick so they still have to close early every day. Lately I've been really plowing through that book about Proust. He was into some awfully seriously tacky kinds of stuff. A couple of nights ago, I watched "Fear Strikes Out", the old movie, starring Karl Malden & Anthony Perkins, about the Red Sox' Jimmy Piersall. The Great Pumpkin is on his way & tomorrow is his big day. All the decorations are out, interesting & otherwise. Tomorrow is Jimmy & Earl's birthday. I knew them when we were kids in the really old days. My memory for extremely seriously odd, obscure facts & figures like that is absolutely to boggle the mind. Tequila Shot, KrissyKrissyKrissy's sister, sent me an email yesterday on Myspace asking for some information about an extremely seriously old John Lennon song. I should most certainly be counted on to know, now, shouldn't I? Yesterday I went to the weekly St. Therese novena in Wilkes_Barre. The traffic, as always, was an absolute nightmare of stop & go congestion. At least one of our Carmelites should be able to make it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, one of my eyeglass lenses keeps popping out of my frame on a regular basis these days. I'm getting more than a smidge sick & tired of it by now. I got my Council 794 Tidings yesterday. Congratulations to our Worthy Grand Knight Gene & his wife Rita on their silver wedding anniversary & Joe & Karen on a whopping thirtieth. The scary thing is that all these characters are around my age.

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