Wednesday, November 28, 2007


December is getting dangerously close. The year will very soon be over. The weather's been very nice for the past couple of days but I just know that sooner or later it will once again flip out on us. It's hard to believe that, by now, I've been living in Pa. for so long. I now know that cousin Java, & maybe his wife Nunziata read this blog. He complained about a comment I didn't make anyplace else. I'm still reading Simon Winchester's "The Professor & the Madman". Besides that, I'm also still reading "War & Peace", which is substantially more intense. They're both based on true stories & filled with real historical figures. My parents are taking down Thanksgiving decorations & putting up Christmas decorations. I heard my mother & Fran make plans on the phone for the cookies they intend to bake over the weekend. Yesterday, because Uncle Frankie has to stay in the hospital for a while, they ended up having to go crazy all day with Fran's dog. It's only a little thing but it can still be quite obnoxious & annoying. It's not loud or smelly, just hyperactive. I've never liked animals so I can never get enthused about things like this. I've been trying, for the past few days, to get my playlists organized as well as possible. I decided it might not be such a particularly bright idea to put something by the Sex Pistols too close to Peer Gynt Suite No. 1.

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