Monday, March 24, 2008


It is now the Easter season. This morning we left slightly before 10:00. Mary Anne went to work at around 9:30. Steve's doctor appointment was a little while after that. Because of a couple of stops, at a Wantagh gas station & the Wawa on Rte. 115, the trip took us around three & a half hours. The weather today has been quite exceptionally nice so far. I'm most certainly hoping that spring can be counted on to stay this way permanently. Uncle Frankie showed up a minute after we got home. The computer I got from Mary Anne & Steve was very heavy & hard to carry but I could handle it fairly well. Surprisingly, gas has been going down a little lately. Last night I finished "Mrs. Dalloway". While there, I managed to figure out where at least a few of my missing books have ended up. They have them. At least now they're accounted for. I was beginning to get paranoid. I've really been trying to get involved in the site, Librarything, lately. It's a good way to organize all the books I've been reading. Amazingly I've managed to track down people whose interests are quite similar to mine.

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