Thursday, July 10, 2008


Because I've always been quite seriously interested in the intellectual movements that have influenced the world, I started reading, yesterday, Lezsek Kolakowski's "Main Currents of Marxism". It's three volumes compiled into one. Mary Anne, a few years ago, complained about my having presumed to complain about Marxism even though I've never been even the least bit knowledgeable about it. From now on I shall have something to say from an informed point of view. Last night I watched a special about St. Teresa of Jesus of the Andes, a Carmelite from Chile. Her feast day is on July 13 which is also her birthday. July 9 was the feast of Bl. Jane Scopelli, also a Carmelite. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. Later on he & my father went over to visit Gino, Michelle & Jamie. I got kicked out of the library early yesterday so I took advantage by going to Barnes & Noble for a while. It rained a little but it was just a slight spring shower. It rained a while one day in Hilldale last week too, just long enough to get my guitars all wet. This time no damage was done. This morning I took a nice long walk over to the monument on Wyoming Avenue, past Susquehanna Avenue, on the way to the levee. I worked up quite a sweat but I need the exercise.

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