Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Mary Anne & Bridget showed up last night sometime after I went to bed. Steve, Sam & Michael will soon follow, I should suppose. The main bulk of the crowd will show up starting tomorrow afternoon. We shall have around four days of fattening food, sunburn, personality clashes and all sorts of other fun things up ahead of us. Bridget was telling me this morning that she has no intention of going back to the Christian(Protestant) camp she went to last summer. So far, she's been thinking of going to a soccer camp. It was a little on the foggy side when I first left this morning but after only a little while the weather started turning out really nice. Let's just hope we can count on it to last all week. The guy who's sitting right next to me is nothing but trouble. Knowing only too perfectly well that they have a rule against cell phones in here, this character does nothing but ramble on, at the very top of his lungs on top of everything else, on his cell phone all day. On top of that he rambles on about private personal things of a very serious nature that nobody else should have to hear about. Of course he's a New Yorker. As if Pa. doesn't already have more than its share of supreme ignoramuses(ignorami?)anyway, we really have so much to gain by bringing them in from New York too. I have absolutely no patience whatsoever with a big mouth & this guy overdoes it.

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