Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving went quite well yesterday. Mary Anne, Steve & the kids showed up late in the morning. Uncle Frankie, Fran & Lisa got here early in the afternoon. I've been getting a very bad headache each day lately, unfortunately. There was entirely too much food & the coffee pot stopped working. Fortunately we managed to dig up another pot. Today we shall be going to Hilldale to see the kinfolk. The Ronald & the Linda, along with Brianne, Matt & family will be there. Bridget & Sam are just as colorful a couple of characters as ever. Michael, of course, is still interested in philosophy & physics & has been delving into Marxist theory. He & I most certainly disagree about quite a whole lot. That vinyl cover for my windshield most certainly makes quite a difference. Last night I never bothered to put it on & my windshield was an absolute sheet of ice this morning. Steve has car trouble so he spent a while this morning looking through the phone books for someplace that might have a part he needs.

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