Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The weather was cold last night & there was ice on people's windows this morning but I was spared any trouble like that because of my vinyl windshield cover. I got a call from O.L. Sorrows yesterday. Amazingly, there's a new woman in the parish & she wants to be one of our lectors. Unlike O.L.P.H., we don't seem to be able to get a significant number of people to do that kind of thing. I made sure I put away her name & phone number so they'll be available when I have to get in touch with her. Recently in the mail I got my new insurance cards for my car. They're good until April. They only last for six months. I'm still reading "As You Like It". That's the one with Jaques' famous "All the world's a stage..." speech. Thanksgiving is next Thursday. It's Michelle's birthday this year. That's Noreen's sister, not Gino's wife.

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