Thursday, February 05, 2009


Today, so far, is turning out to be quite an exceptionally cold day. Yesterday's big highlight was when the light bulb blew out in the bathroom. Things like that can be extremely seriously annoying at night & very early in the morning. I got a call in the afternoon from some woman who wanted me to go to the blood drive in Wilkes_Barre today. I shall not be going because it's farther away than the ones I usually attend. Soon enough there will most certainly be yet another one somewhere very close to here. Today I noticed that the other Michelle, Noreen's sister, has joined Facebook. I made sure I sent her a friend request. I got a message on the phone yesterday from somebody over in New York asking about some stock I have. Because I didn't recognize the name, & I've always been more than a little suspicious about important things, I made sure I looked it up on the internet. It all seems to be legitimate. Last night, on EWTN, I watched Fr. Mitchell Pacwa's live show. Joseph Pearce was on it explaining William Shakespeare's Catholicism.

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