Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yesterday & last night all the news was about the Kennedys. Since I've always been plum obsessed with the 1960's anyway, it's been interesting for me. I've read all sorts of biographies about LBJ, RFK & other people & events from that era. Last night at 9:00 VH1 showed the Beatles' "Anthology" but I already have that on VHS tapes so I didn't bother to watch any more than the first fifteen minutes of it. This morning at around 7:30 they closed down the Wyoming Bridge on Eighth Street. I finished "Don Quijote" yesterday & started reading a book of Chekhov's plays. Tomorrow's Jo Anne's birthday. She's one of my oldest friends from Queens. We all get to/have to turn fifty this year. It's an odd feeling. Tomorrow's also Margret's birthday. She & I have never met in person. She's yet another character I know only from the internet. The weather's a little cooler so far today than it's been most days lately. I played my guitar some more last night too. Cousin Gino & his wife Michelle just adopted their two sons so they're quite happy now.