Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My father's appointment with his doctors yesterday went well. He should be back to normal slowly starting from today on, just in time to take my mother shopping yet again. Larry & Rose called him last night to say hello. Last night I went to confession at St. Joseph's. It was a penance service & a large crowd showed up. The priest I got was Fr. Rafferty. There were four other priests there, including Fr. Marchetti. I've been watching reruns of "Cheers" lately on a regular basis. There are entirely too many specials on about Christmas. By now it's gotten so boring I can't be bothered with them anymore. I've been practicing my guitar lately too. Most of the time I end up fixating on the A & A minor scales & arpeggios. One of these days I shall have to get the latest issue of "Acoustic Guitar" magazine. The bad weather seems to have died down lately but it's been awfully cold & windy.