Saturday, December 02, 2006

Whole Nother library This Weekend

Saturday, December 2, 2oo6: It's a wild and crazy day for me. Wyoming's library is closed down because the heater has to be repaired. Pittston's is closed indefinitely because of flooding a few weeks ago. West Pittston's has no internet, and Plains is closed Saturdays. After driving around in circles for quite a while I'm in Kingston's Hoyt Library. Yesterday's weather was an absolute nightmare with torrential rainstorms & wind up to 40 m.p.h. according to my wind gauge-yes, I have one of those. Yesterday I watched Woody Allen's Bananas in honor of The Man's 71st birthday. I've always been a totally fan of his. Fran came over, with doughnuts, to say hello this morning. There are only 23 days until my first adult Pennsylvania Christmas. Decorations are up and the radio stations are playing carols nauseatingly early. Today is colder than average which is good because as much as I've always enjoyed warm weather, in December it's an awfully weird, flu_inducing feeling. Site of the day:

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