Friday, January 05, 2007

Annoying Rainy Friday

It's pouring out and fifty two degrees is pretty odd for January. It's a lousy day. Everybody should do the Friday dance, the first of our brand spanking new year. My blogs are picking up traffic like plum loco. I can't understand why my site has gone down to saying I have no visitors. I know perfectly well I've most certainly gotten all sorts of feedback over there. I've still been reading those two books. The RFK biography is giving me all sorts of ammunition for the next time something relevant to those days comes up. I already knew most of his life story anyway. You'd be surprised how many people from that era have been household names since then too. I noticed the same thing when Ford died. January is usually flu season for me but somehow I've managed to avoid it so far. As far as I know, the weekend doesn't seem to be showing any signs of being all that nasty.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding your MyBlogLog traffic, I don't see the script installed on your blog. You need to install/re-install the mybloglog tracking script.