Saturday, January 13, 2007

Weekend Coming Up

Last night I switched over to Google's Blogger. We soon shall see whether that was such an especially bright idea or what. A couple of days ago, Marie F. from the Seaford (St. Joseph's )Carmelites in N.Y. sent me my old paperwork in case it turns out to be unavoidably necessary for the Pa. crowd. So far, though, they haven't bothered to ask for it out here. Wayne W., from my new KofC council (Assumpta) sent me the third degree dues. I got them yesterday. They're quite substantially less than O.L.P.H.'s dues. I've only been to the new council a grand total of maybe three entire times so far, unfortunately. The weather outside is absolutely & entirely atrocious. Although th temperature is hovering around 50's ish, it's a damp rainy 50's ish. In N.Y. I was very active in my church & council but over here I've been very quiet with them so far. If I don't get moving I'll lose my annoying side.

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