Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bitter Cold Super Bowl Sunday

Colts Colts Bears Bears Bears It's like a block of ice outside. The temperature was seven degrees a few hours ago and hasn't gone much higher than that. I'm just happy it hasn't snowed enough to add up to anything substantial. There may be lots of ice though. Uncle Frankie & Fran's Super Bowl party awaits later in the day. I suppose I shall go over there immediately after the Latin Mass at 4:30. I hope it's a whole lot less crowded & nerve wracking than the ones we used to have to get stuck with at the American Legion parties in Levittown. All those cranky old veterans, smoking up a storm, got me crazy. I've never even liked sports anyway so the least people can do is try to humor me a little. Days like today are just fattening for me. I really like the commercials during the game, even though I've most certainly never been a fan of commercials.

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JoeBlogs said...

Haven't seen the David Beckham commercial yet I wonder what that was like.