Monday, February 26, 2007

George Harrison Quiz

Which of the following is the title of a Harrison song & the name of a convenience store in Pa.? : a)Apple Scruffs b)Thanks for the Pepperoni c)Ding Dong Ding Dong d)Crackerbox Palace e)Wah Wah Last night it snowed again but all is not yet lost. It didn't amount to much. It's still coming down a smidge. I don't envy people who have to travel moocho in that weather. Happy Birthday to my New Yorker cousins Gary & Mark. Last night was the Academy Awards but I didn't bother even to think twice about it. Unfortunately, a couple of the little young_uns among our kinfolk have the flu or something like it. Amazingly the library's not crowded today. There were lots of people last week. Java Jr. from Buffalo sent me a souvenir from his wedding even though I couldn't show up. I hear the new dollar coin has finally & at last arrived. People didn't like Ike on a dollar. Even Susan B. Anthony & that Indian woman with the big name didn't do the trick. Most people don't expect a fab reaction to this one either. Am I the only one who likes them or what? Every time somebody gets one I hope he'll send it to me. I like them.

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