Friday, March 09, 2007

Hey, Should I Write A John Lennon Biography Or What?

On one of my favorite Beatle sites, I found out that they're trying to track down people who can write about the life & times of our mighty Swain Of Liddypuddle. This site is asking people to write a biography of John Lennon. If there's anybody whose life story I know well, it's he. Ever since I was only a really little tyke_the Fabs were together back then_I've always been in total awe of the Beatles. I see KrissyKrissyKrissy was a smidge too sick to go to work last night. She asked me to get her a copy of all the kinfolk's birthdays. Fortunately the list includes years too. Congrats especially to Gary who, I am reminded, recently turned FIFTY!! HA! HA! Well, we're finally & at last on the verge of yet a whole nother weekend. For St. Patrick's Day I should suppose we should all do a nice Friday jig, even though we're not allowed to eat meat. What strikes me as entirely impossible to believe is that I sent out a petition to Make English Our Official Language & haven't gotten any insane complaints from my liberal connections.

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