Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wasn't Allowed to Give Blood

Today I went over to the Hanover Industrial Center to give blood for the Red Cross. The ladies over there insisted my pulse was too high. I wasn't allowed. I just went to the doctor yesterday, though & he wasn't the least bit concerned about my pulse. This is the second time in the past few years that I've been kicked out of a blood drive for exactly that very reason. The woman I spoke to on the phone gave me (ahem, shall we say?) somewhat less than entirely perfect directions if you get my drift. I was forced to stop & ask somebody. Traditionally, we menfolk don't get to ask directions. Other men's trips must traditionally have better luck than mine though, unfortunately. The long & winding road just goes on & on & on. Roads in that area are especially convoluted. On the way home I took 29 to I_81 North & all was quite groovy. Today was the very first time ever I drove on that road, having only been there before as a passenger. I found out that Laura now works at SUNY. That's a good deal. A few cousins, including her, have new e mail addresses.

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