Thursday, July 05, 2007


This morning was awfully foggy. The weather out here lately has been driving me stark raging bananas. My father drove Bridget to her camp this morning & didn't seem to have any trouble getting back & forth. She seems to be having quite an enjoyable time over there. It's a holy roller camp & they're very strict about all sorts of things. I went there once & saw the outside of the place. In that area it's all mountainous. It's one of those kinds of places where they seem to think it's tres gauche to live within a thirty mile radius of a gas station. Uncle Frankie came over with (what in Sam Hill else is new?) candy last night. Pretty soon I shall most certainly have to get back to all my walking again. In a few more days we shall all be on our way back to Massapequa for Tina's big graduation party. It will be very nice for me to be able to see my old stomping grounds again. Yesterday, I watched an all_day
Twilight Zone
marathon. That's the really groovy thing about holidays. There always seems to be something interesting on.

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