Thursday, August 09, 2007


Yesterday I gave a blood donation at St. Anthony's in Exeter. It was close to a half hour longer than the average donation but nowhere as long as apheresis. They take blood out & put it back in at the same time. I've forgotten the exact name of this specific kind of donation but it's no harder than the average one. The seats are substantially more comfortable. Rocco is a volunteer over there. I got a headache for the rest of the day. It just ended a short time ago. They just give a fruit drink & junk food after you finish. My Lindenhurst KofC council gives a really nice entire meal but that's an exception. Here, they also give coupons for McDonald's & Wendy's. Yesterday I was looking through old photograph albums. Where in Sam Hill has all the time gone? Instead of fifty six days until I get to give again, I now have to wait exactly twice that long. Oh well, I didn't win the big lottery. Uncle Frankie showed up last night with his usual supply of candy. Tomorrow's Mary Anne's birthday.

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