Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I never get any sleep at night so of course I couldn't avoid being treated to the sound of last night's torrential downpour. It was going on at about 3:00 a.m. ish. There's some absolutely horribly annoying woman right next to me in the library, rambling on on a cell phone. As if many people these days aren't already mind.bogglingly ignorant and arrogant enough anyway, cell phones just make it that much more interesting & convenient for them to proffer their disgusting ways. Copiague's library boors, of course, are the absolute & all.time worst, but this character seems quite qualified to be there. I've always absolutely & utterly despised the concept of the phone anyway but cell phones really disgust me beyond belief. Hey please, don't tell me! The library lady finally told this rude character to hang up. The head librarian showed up a few minutes ago in casual clothes. He told a patron that it's dress_down week. Most workplaces have at least a dress_down Friday each week. Around here they get at least a week a year. Today's the big blood drive over at St. Anthony's in Exeter. I go stark raging nuts when all those Red Cross characters call me frequently immediately before each blood drive. They are obscenely aggressive.

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