Friday, November 09, 2007


Happy Friday. Let us dance. Last night I got a really nice call from Bernadette M., an old high school classmate of mine. I forgot to ask her, but I suppose she either works at St. John's now or does volunteer work there as an alumna because the call came from the school. She asked if I knew for sure whether I intend to attend our big reunion in a few weeks. Unfortunately, because of my jury duty_who knows how long it will last & what it may entail?_I was forced to give her a very definite maybe. Of the people in my class Bernadette was one of the ones I never even got a chance to meet back in those days. Last night's conversation was quite literally the very first time we ever even spoke to each other. Of course, our friend Uncle Frankie made sure he made his inevitable appearance last night, junk food in tow. He's our fattening kinfolk. I'm still reading like crazy. I have to watch my step or I'll get headaches from it. I see the Democrats have won like crazy the recent elections. That's not even the least bit surprising considering that the current Republican incumbents, especially in Washington, D.C., are all giving the country away to O.P.E.C. & the war. Unfortunately, the Democrats are equally determined to destroy us with sexual aberrancy & reverse discrimination. It appears that the Culture of Death is ambidextrous. It's been getting progressively colder & colder lately. Tonight's big football came_Fran's even going too_will be quite an exercise in hypothermia.

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