Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yesterday the weather was miserable & today it's most certainly no better so far. There's rain & dampness galore & it's a bitter icy cold. There was no ice on my windows the past two mornings though. Last night's game, as far as I can tell, most certainly seemed to have gone well. It was the big important one, from what I've been told. I most certainly could never have spent all night last night out in that kind of weather. Lately I've been pigging out on nuts & m&m_ish candy in a trail mix kind of thing. Foods such as those can be quite seriously addictive for me, unfortunately. I went on a binge like that with peanuts & popcorn a few months ago. Fortunately, I can count on an out_of sight, out_of_mind kind of thing. Once the junk food's all gone, I'm quite capable of doing without it. Now that we're headed for the middle of November, I have a few cousins' birthdays coming up. Scott & Keeren in Buffalo, & Java in Florida. Yesterday I watched a few seventies sitcoms. The kid who played Stever Urkel on "Family Matters" was on an episode of "The Jeffersons". I saw a couple of really good episodes of "I Love Lucy" too. Tomorrow morning, I have to lector at 10:00 a.m. Mass. That's never very hard for me.

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