Friday, December 07, 2007


I got tire troubles. This morning I went to a tire place on Wyoming Ave. slightly south of Sabatini's. They kept me stranded over there for over two hours only to tell me that nothing could be done except to get a new tire. Hey, at least they didn't charge me. A few guys were there who were into hunting. One guy says his dog is afraid of the sound of gunshots & he has to give it sedatives every year for the Fourth of July. The other guy commented about how weird it is that dog drugs are about the same as people drugs but for dogs they cost a hell of a whole lot less.

It's Friday so we have to do the Friday dance. Yesterday I read a lot more of "War & Peace" & some more of the Chaucer biography. It pays to keep the mind busy. It's Pearl Harbor Day. All the World War II veterans will be remembering this one. Lately I've been drinking coffee_one of my very biggest addictions_late in the day. I never sleep at night anyway, unfortunately, so it's not all that big of a deal. >

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