Thursday, December 06, 2007


This morning was especially messy with snow & ice. Yesterday it snowed quite a whole lot. I ended up having to spend a while chipping ice away from my car & getting the tire filled up because it ran plum out of air again. Fr. Walsh made me lector again, this time at St. Joseph's. Yesterday my father finally found a seriously tiny little screwdriver to get my frame tightened around the left lens in my glasses again. The same stupid things keep happening to me. This morning when I tried to get the paper from the machine on Sixth Street, by St. Joseph's, it was so cold the machine wouldn't even work. Tomorrow's Pearl Harbor Day. Saturday's the anniversary of Beatle John's murder in 1980 & November 29 was the sixth anniversary of Beatle George's death in 2001. Saturday's also Tina's birthday. She's cousin Gary's daughter. We still haven't seen hide nor hair of Uncle Frankie because of the weather. The weather's too bad for him to take any chances.

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