Thursday, December 20, 2007


It didn't amount to much of anything but trouble but there was a seriously annoying snowstorm yesterday. Last night Aunt Lauren came over, on her way home from work, for a while to get a head start on giving out presents. She, for whatever reason, isn't in the habit of showing up all that often, just every once in a while on her way home from work. I suppose Uncle Frankie must have shown up somewhere over the course of the day too. When I got home, there was candy on the table. I read quite a lot more of that Chaucer biography. I watched one of those cold case shows & a couple of old sitcoms. In other words it was a typical day. The librarian wont be back for a few days. He's in Chicago until the day after Christmas. The lady who covers for him during the week isn't as knowledgeable about things as he, so it should be very interesting to see how things work out around here for a while without him.

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