Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It rained miserably yesterday & this morning. My car, surprisingly, wasn't even the least bit flooded although there's been much flooding in the general area. I got a call yesterday from St. Joseph's. The secretary asked me to go over at noon today to pick up my Christian Prayer book. I accidentally left it in a pew yesterday. Fran called a little while ago. She most certainly isn't all that crazy about her broken gam. I told her about all the trouble I was forced to put up with because of my arm in the early nineties. I was much younger then than she is now. To this very day, I still have all sorts of weird aches & pains because of it. Last night, I finished watching "2001: A Space Odyssey". I was forced to stay up until pert near midnight, which I can't stand. I've never been a fan of staying up late, but to my chagrin that's how it turned out. Insomnia is only one of my myriad curses. The movie has all the psychedelic trappings in it that you could expect from a sixties milestone. I've been plowing quite well through that Jules Verne book too. Karen, according to Mary Ellen & Vinnie, has been doing reasonably well lately. She's still having a very hard time of things though. The cousins have been very active lately with all sorts of e mail messages. It's very nice that we can have such an interesting time keeping in touch.

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