Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yesterday I listened to yet even more old stuff. I broke out my copy of Pink Floyd's "The Wall". It's such an especially nice surprise that most of my old vinyl records sound even nicer now than they ever did back then. The sound quality of the majority of them drove me plum nuts back in those days. In my never_ending protest against the total obscenity of current pop culture & what passes for show business these days, I consistently go retro. That goes for my guitar practice too. I put in my usual time with all those Beatle songs yesterday. This morning I went back downstairs to do the laundry. A clean wardrobe is quite the only way to go. It's a nice droll way to kill both a few minutes & a few brain cells. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. Fran called too. Amazingly I haven't gotten any headaches in quite a while. Even with all the changing weather my head seems to be quite cooperative lately. Of course, I still can't sleep but that's something I can make a bit of an adjustment to since it doesn't impede my ability to function properly. Today's that dreaded day when, each year, the sun starts going down a minute earlier per night.

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