Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We all found out about the California earthquake yesterday. I just got an email from Cathleen about it. She & her family are all safe from any major damage. She was more than a little taken aback, though, by all the aggravation. It entirely messed up her lunch break. They're really old friends of mine so I'm quite happy to see that all's worked out. On the bright side, though, Fran got a really good job over in Reading. It's only forty minutes from home. There was really good news this morning on TV about a new treatment for Alzheimer's disease. There's a medication out that seems to help quite a bit for mild to moderate cases. They're hoping really to be able to get things rolling no later than next year. I've been reading more of "Troilus & Cressida". Much debate goes on about the famous Bard's Catholicism. I just noticed that much circumstantial evidence suggest that he was a Catholic. His parents were recusant Catholics. The problem is in the lack of any official proof. Of course, Queen Elizabeth I would have opened a major can of whoop_ass on him if he had admitted it. Last night I opened a new box of Special K with strawberries in it. As soon as I opened the top of the box, the bottom flew opened too. There was a hole in the bottom of the bag so I ended up with cereal all over the table. Fortunately I managed to clean up all the mess. To my chagrin, things like that are always happening to me.

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