Friday, August 08, 2008


Today is the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year. Oddly, people have always gotten quite a hoot out of those kinds of things. Yesterday it was raining all day & all of the night. At least during the day the rain was just a very nice mild shower. After a reasonably uneventful spell, this weekend we shall be having the big combined birthday bash. Fran, Mary Anne & Uncle Frankie all have birthdays. There are others this month to but not right away. The cousins continue to ramble on about their latest obsessive controversy, nuclear power. Yesterday I made sure I want back to Barnes & Noble again. Until I get around to going way up to Borders, it's one of my favorite places around here. Uncle Frankie came over yesterday. He reminded me about the Bazaar over at St. John the Evangelist Church in Pittston so I made sure I showed up for a while. That's the church I was baptized in. It was a really nice time. I got a slice of pizza with garlic salt on it & a Pepsi. I took the pizza fritta home. I also made sure I took some chances on the baskets again. Lately I seem to be on a winning streak with them. So far I've won something at both the last two church feasts I showed up at. Last night I even won $10 at the money wheel. The guy who was in charge pert near forgot to pay me. At least the weather didn't make too much of a noticeable difference in the feast. One thing I've never been able to help noticing is that churches around here are plum flea market crazy for some insane reason. They always have them & this time was no exception.

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