Monday, August 11, 2008


It was quite a hectic weekend with all the birthdays. Surprisingly, I got a call from St. John the Evangelist Church yesterday. It's all so weird that I keep winning things lately at church functions. I won yet another basket at their feast. It was a bunch of horror movies. While I was in the rectory I met the two monsignori. Mary Anne borrowed one of the movies. Fran has always especially like those kinds of movies ever since we were only kids. Mary Anne & I took the kids on Saturday to the mall. We went to a bunch of head shops so they could get some clothes. In one of them there was constant, non_stop Beatle music playing. She said the kids these days really like retro stuff. I ended up having to go to F.Y.E. in the mall to get another DVD case because I didn't have any room left over in any of mine. Uncle Frankie & Fran were cleaning out their attic & they gave me Aunt Mary Theresa's old Passionist prayer book & my grandmother's old missal from the Latin Mass. It's dated September 26, 1961, which is only ten days after my second birthday. Typically, there was an extremely violent storm yesterday but it only lasted an extremely short time.

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