Thursday, January 29, 2009


Unfortunately, my mother's seventy sixth birthday, yesterday was turned into a total disaster. The weather, starting on Tuesday night, was nothing short of an absolute nightmare. There was a blizzard of snow combined with sleet. Among other roads, Rte. 81, as always was an absolute nightmare. Entire exits were closed. Schools & the library were closed too. Late in the day when I tried to move my car from the curb to the driveway I couldn't even cross the ice on the driveway so I didn't even bother. Uncle Frankie came over with pizza. Conveniently, he has four wheel drive. A belated happy birthday to cousin Frankie(Lanfranco). Mary Anne, as well as Nunziata, called yesterday to wish my mother a happy birthday. There were only six people, besides Fr. Walsh, at Mass yesterday. Howard was forced to spend a lot of time plowing the driveway. Let's just hope it's all calmed down by the weekend in time for the birthday/Super Bowl parties. Yesterday I finished "Pride & Prejudice" & began rereading yet another Jane Austen book, "Nothanger Abbey".

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