Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've been reading more of "Pride & Prejudice". It's a relatively short book so I'm already close to the end. Lately all the news among the kin has been about Java & Katey's baby Colin, & Java & Jennifer's pregnancy. I have been quite active on my Facebook account lately. It's how I get to keep track of people. A while ago I found out that our local Waldenbooks will be closing very soon. That's really bad news because it's a result of our sluggish economy. The good news, though, is that I won't really miss it. That's one book store I've never been even the least bit impressed by. Their selection absolutely stunk. Even though they're a subsidiary of Borders, they're nowhere near as good. According to the weatherman, we're supposed to have yet another snowstorm starting tonight. We can expect about six to ten more inches of the stuff. This morning, at St. Joseph's, I made sure I got a pocket calendar. There was no official set price. Fr. Walsh just asked for a donation to help defray the price.

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