Friday, February 20, 2009


Today is an especially cold day so far. At least it's neither raining nor snowing. Last night, amazingly, I managed to stay up to watch "Burn Notice". It's a pretty good show. I'll eventually be able to get used to staying up that late. Tomorrow morning I'll have to go over to Wilkes_Barre for yet another Carmelite meeting. There's nothing of any especially big significance going on with them this month, as far as I know. Uncle Frankie has been a little ill lately so we haven't seen him in quite a while. I've always gotten the distinct impression that my last name was quite distinctive & rare. Lately, though, on Facebook, I've been finding all sorts of people with the same name. I have absolutely no idea whatsoever who any of them is. So far the ones I've met are all from Italy. Officially I'm supposed to lector on Sunday at 10:00 Mass but Laura always wants me to switch with her so we've traded places. Now I have 5:00 tomorrow & she gets my turn on Sunday.

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