Friday, March 13, 2009


Yet another Friday the 13 beckons. Once again no major catastrophes appear to be awaiting anyone I know of. I read even more of "Vanity Fair" yesterday. The small print, combined with the book's length, gets me crazy. The afterword, on top of everything else, is awfully atrociously left_wing. Last week was the end of this part of the season for "Burn Notice" so I didn't bother to stay up late last night. I see Cathleen's back in circulation. Today is the first time I've heard from her in the past few weeks. Now that the weather's been getting better each day, I shall soon have no more excuse not to get out & start walking again. Sometimes it can be very annoying & boring but at least it keeps me reasonably thin & healthy. St. Patrick's Day is coming up. I don't know of any big festivities around here but they always seem to have a few little local things.

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