Thursday, April 16, 2009


My parents have been going crazy lately trying to do as much spring cleaning as possible. The weather, a little at a time, is getting somewhat better. It's usually at its very best during the afternoon each day. The show about Shakespeare was on EWTN again yesterday so I made sure I watched it. As a compulsive bookworm, I've always been really interested in those kinds of things. We're back at the churches of the Wyomings from now on but Fr. Walsh wasn't available this morning so Fr. McDonnell, O.S.J., ended up covering for him. Bob called me last night at 10:00. I've always liked going to bed early & I've always despised the phone. At least the conversation turned out to be reasonably interesting though. I truly wish people would keep the phone on a nice short leash. This month's Carmelite meeting will be on this coming Saturday morning. Most probably the attendance won't be anything to brag about.

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