Saturday, January 16, 2010


I got my car towed away last night. When I drove it home from the library yesterday all seemed to have been going well. When I parked next to the curb, though, & tried to get out, the key wouldn't come out of the ignition. I got somebody from West Pittston to fix it for me. I got it back this morning. Because of all the trouble I was forced to miss the Carmelite meeting. I ran into Anne at 8:00 Mass at the Oblates' Seminary on Rte. 315 so I told her I couldn't make it. Steve called this morning. He's found a guy who can help me get an odometer. Saturn's out of business so we Saturn people are going to have a very hard time from now on whenever any little thing happens. Today we wish a very happy birthday to Tim. We were in the same class at St. Gabriel's in East Elmhurst. Last night I watched the very old Alfred Hitchcock movie, "Sabotage". The weather today has been very nice so far. I was surprised to see that it's been forty degrees at least since 7:00 this morning.