Monday, January 15, 2007

Holy Name Society Meeting

Last night I went to the Holy Name Society's meeting at Our Lady of Sorrows. It was a bit of a party too & I ended up eating a second entire meal while I was there. I won the 50/50 again. A guy from St. Joseph's where they don't have a H.N.S. wants to join ours & nobody really has any idea of what the by laws say about members from other parishes. I'm still very new over there, so I was forced to explain a lot. All my kinfolk are abuzz about the latest pregnancy. They always have to have something to get abuzz over & at least now it's something substantial & legitimate. The Ronald has to make two new coins because there's a wedding coming up too. It's icy cold & raining today. There's a big crowd because it's a holiday. California Cathleen surprised me by sending out an e mail. I'm still reading that Jane Austen book.

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