Thursday, January 18, 2007

Very Old Classic Movies

Last night I saw_again_Casablanca, with its all_star cast & all_cliche dialogue, as well as Alfred Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent. Unfortunately, they kept me up until past midnight_never a bright move, if you get my drift. It was quite worth all the trouble though. KrissyKrissyKrissy is finally back from moocho overtime & N.Y. visit. The kinfolk say howdy. The weather is still bitter cold but at least it's legitimately winter. Groundhog Day fast approaches. Hey this is Pennsylvania we're messing with here. By Pa. standards, that's a right rip roarin' big deal. GO PHIL!!! I haven't seen any of the local kinfolk lately. They all live in West Wyoming, Pittston & Dallas. The Super Bowl is on its way but I don't like sports anyway. My KofC dues are in the envelope & ready to go into the mail. I can't let that go now, having already stuck with it for lo these pert near past fifteen(Great Caesar's Ghost!!) years.

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