Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's Been Very Cold Lately

The last time I checked my e mail account, it said the temperature was 14 degrees Fahrenheit. These days it's been rather colder than average. Except for two people (Hi, John & Mary) no one else has commented on any plans that may be going on for our high school class's reunion. I've been in touch with people from both my high school & elementary school for the past few years, especially by way of the internet. In Lindenhurst, I always ran into people from school, but that was because I used to be able to count on seeing them in church at least on Sunday. Out here I don't have that advantage anymore so any reunions I can show up at would be greatly appreciated. My ten hours are up for my computer this month so I have to get everything over with at the library. Copiague's library always absolutely stunk & I can't possibly complain enough about them. Wyoming's is really quite groovy though. Cell phones, as well as phones in general, have always absolutely disgusted me and the phone_ignoramuses are always allowed to get out of control at Copiague, in spite of the perfunctory sign that says phones aren't allowed, but over here the phone rule is always very strictly enforced.

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