Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cold & Snow

There are flurries so far. Yesterday was over forty degrees. Bridget is having a very nice time. The phone has been ringing constantly lately & I can't stand it. The driveway is a sheet of ice. I can't wait for spring. Hey, I just found a pair of Irish socks & I intend to set them aside for St. Patrick's Day or I just know I'll lose all track of them. I've always been quite notorious, shall we say? for losing stuff, most especially when I either want or need it. Hey get a load of this: Would you believe that Boy Super Genius George has announced that without the help of Yoko Super Genius Ono the Beatles would have been merely mediocre?! That's so ridiculous I'll not even bother to dignify it with the satisfaction of a comment. I also just noticed that Youtube has all sorts of videos of the Fabarinos, including ones where they're jamming with Mrs. Lennon, whose 74th birthday was on Feb. 18.

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