Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Around here, coal mining always has been quite a significant part of our local history, so now there's a petition going around to get the post office to design a stamp in the miners' honor. I see the Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankees are going through some kind of a fight over whether they should be sold. The local team that used to be here, the Red Barons, was a part of the Phillies & moved over to the Philadelphia area. I don't even like sports anyway but hey, it's local news so I just thought I'd mention it. My Yankee fan cousins must be keeping track of stuff like this. I wear my Mets coat, shirt & socks only because I grew up around Shea Stadium so I'm an honorary fan of theirs. I just wish all the cold weather would go away. It's nightmarishly boring even though there's no substantial snow anymore. Of course, even the weather can't possibly get anymore boring than having to hear constantly about Imus & Anna Nicole Smith.

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