Saturday, April 14, 2007


By now I just plain can't stand it anymore. I just heard that we can expect between four & six inches of snow! Mornings are worse than afternoons around here. KrissyKrissyKrissy is finally back. The Divine Mercy Mass at the Oblates Seminary is at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. One of these days I have got to take another trip to Stockbridge, though I dread the kind of traffic they must have on Divine Mercy Sunday. I messed up because it just occurred to me last night as soon as I went to bed that the Carmelite meeting isn't until next Saturday. I just found out from a Yoko Ono blog that Julian Lennon, this month's birthday boy, has sold his share of stock in the Beatles' songs. Like most Beatlemaniacs, I've never liked Yoko but hey, her sites are a major source of Beatlegossip. In case you could possibly have not noticed by now, I am he who is a master of the obsolete, irrelevant & anachronistic.

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